I was born in the wrong century.

Far from the tech-obsessed modernity in which I find myself existing, I have been seized by a visceral craving for the glories of bygone ages. A time when great masted ships rode high and long on the swells of mighty oceans. A time when momentous letters flowed through inky nibs from the depths of smoke-filled mahogany enclaves.  The birth of commerce; the pain of struggle; the taste of victory. Gargantuan individuals accomplishing herculean feats, their intellectual and physical capacities sharpened and strengthened by the immensity of the tasks which lay before them. A time when adventure was still a fire in the bones of every man worth his salt. When the world was raw and rare and up for the taking. When life was truly alive.

So you can see that I have a problem. A big one. I see millions of people walking around just getting by. Just doing the minimum amount, giving the smallest effort, taking the path of least resistance. They have minds rusted away by disuse or rotted away by misuse. They are wrapped in a mental and emotional slumber that chokes life of its enormous potential. They have eyes but see nothing past the immediate needs and wants of the day, oblivious to the vast expanses that lay undiscovered at the fringes of their strangulated comfort zones.

Are you one of them? Are you happy to go through the motions of living but miss out on life itself? Or do you desire to walk past the edges of the probable into the universe of the possible? Do you long to truly see?

Citizen Dread has a single purpose: to open your eyes.


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