Take The Pill

It is not good for human nature to have the road of life made too easy.

Samuel Smiles

Every morning, my wife gives me a mittful of vitamins that could choke an elephant and tells me that I’ll be thankful when I’m 75 and still have a mind like a bacon slicer. I know it’s true. I know I need to take the darn things to keep my body properly calibrated. It’s just that I don’t like the way they feel on the way down. It’s supremely irritating when the football-sized capsules are working their way through my esophagus – usually sideways – at a rate that makes government bureaucracy look like a track meet. Magnesium, garlic, turmeric, probiotics, digestive enzymes…they’re literally a pain in the neck going in, but they’re doing a world of good once they’re assimilated and performing their catalytic functions. I hate the process of getting them in there, but if I don’t get them in there, they’re not going to do me a lick of good.

So it is with life. You and I could spend all day trading off clichés about schools and knocks, seas and sailors, pressures and diamonds, but when it comes down to the crux of the matter, most of us give great lip service to maxims and dogmas that have absolutely no real impact on our earthly lives. Face it. We like things easy. Few of us voluntarily do hard things. We like ease, and we like comfort. Oh, sure, we love the results of hard things, the destinations of roads less traveled…but we really hate the process. We hate sacrifice. We hate delayed gratification. And we really hate being uncomfortable.

So we avoid everything that smacks of even the slightest difficulty…all the while desiring outcomes that can only be created by the difficulties we so desperately want to avoid. That, my friend, is NUTS. It’s like demanding a bespoke suit but being unwilling to go to the tailor because you don’t want to stand like a soldier for three hours and get pricked by straight pins. It’s like demanding a fertile mind at 75 but refusing to choke down a few horse pills to make it happen.

This blog is your pill. It’s not always going to be an easy read, and sometimes it’s going to be downright offensive to your highly-developed sense of personal comfort and political correctness. It’s going to hurt, but if you can swallow it, digest it, and absorb its contents, it could quite literally save your life.


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